Example Projects

Some of the Projects West Consult has been involved with:

  • Initiation of pioneering studies of the role of microbiology on the geological containment of radioactive waste including baseline surveys in the relevant environments; biodegradation studies; development of microbiological models
  • Evaluating the impact of microbial processes on contaminant mobility in geological environments (multiple projects);
  • Leading ecological studies of CO2 natural analogue sites in Europe with results feeding into policy recommendations
  • Pioneering geomicrobiological work at Poços de Caldas, Brazil and Maqarin, Jordan natural analogue sites
  • The designing and implementation of groundwater quality field programmes in the UK, Africa, Caribbean and SE Asia;
  • Development of corporate geomicrobiological strategy and facilities

We also provide advice and expertise as:

  • Current member of the UK Government Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM)
  • Member of advisory panels for industry and academic projects (radioactive waste and CO2 disposal)

The principal consultant has been

  • Invited as the UK participant at international Knowledge Management workshops in Japan
  • Invited as the UK participant at international workshops to advise on Fukushima remediation in Japan
  • Invited to provide evidence to UK Houses of Parliament Select Committee
  • Asked to lecture at various universities for under-graduate and post-graduate courses. Member of Advisory panels for Masters Courses
  • A course provider for the International Training School, Switzerland on natural analogues, communication

More details can be given on request.