Julia West is co-author of recently published paper “Risk management for pandemics: a novel approach”

Julia West is a co-author of recently published article in “Sustainability Science”.

The impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic illustrate the global-level sensitivity to such threats. As understanding of major hazards is generally based on past experience and there is a lack of good historical precedents, approaches and models currently employed to assess risks and guide responses generally lack transparency and are often associated with huge, unspecified uncertainties.  Authors Ian McKinley, Julia West and Susie Hardie outline experience gained in risk assessment within the nuclear industry, which has experience facing similar challenges (assessing long-term impacts in a strongly coupled technical system subject to socio-economic constraints), and assess options for knowledge transfer that may help manage future pandemics and other high-impact threats.

McKinley, I.G., West, J.M. and Hardie, S.M.L. 2021. Risk management for pandemics: a novel approach. Sustainability Science, doi.org/10.1007/s11625-021-00999-8